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Who is Bradley?

I was raised by a family of bureaucrats in the shadow of the nation's capital. Most of my childhood was spent watching classic Hollywood musicals like That's Entertainment with my grandparents and listening to their tales of growing up in cramped New York City apartments.

Bradley Adam Stein Stonewall
Bradley Adam Stein Actor Starlight Express

In the blink of an eye, I began my own New York journey at Marymount Manhattan College, studying Musical Theatre from dawn 'til (waaay past) dusk. I played a myriad of different roles, from a train determined to win the biggest race in the universe to a Drag Queen on the first night of the Stonewall riots.


Passionate, creative, and dedicated, I am an artist always looking back on my roots and examining my experiences to better myself and improve the lives of the people I love and those in my community. During the pandemic, I took my career into my own hands - branching into activism and working on several political campaigns, producing a musical in development, and starring in another.

Bradley Adam Stein Maya Wiley
Bradley Adam Stein Dog
IMG_0299 2.jpg

 I am a dog dad and an animal lover. I know the love I spread would make my grandparents proud. I challenge myself every day to remain hopeful and keep creating, whatever the circumstance,


Want to get to know me even better? Contact me here with inquiries, questions, and prophecies of volcanic doom today!

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